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Georgina Stevens's Top Book Recommendations

Want to know what books Georgina Stevens recommends on their reading list? We've researched interviews, social media posts, podcasts, and articles to build a comprehensive list of Georgina Stevens's favorite book recommendations of all time.


Dinosaurs and All That Rubbish

Dinosaurs have taken over the Earth! They're stomping and stamping all over the place. Young readers will love finding out why in this classic environmental tale from best-selling author/illustrator Michael Foreman. A fable for our time, and as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1972. less
Recommended by Georgina Stevens, and 1 others.

Georgina StevensThere is so much to love about this book. Firstly the dinosaurs being woken up by the heat from humans burning everything and then them tidying up the mess. (Source)

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The Trouble With Dragons

The world is populated by some beastly dragons who care nothing for how much they mess up the oceans, chop down the trees, gobble up all the food and use everything up without stopping to think. In this picture book, those dragons need to wake up to what they are doing to their world before it is too late. less
Recommended by Georgina Stevens, and 1 others.

Georgina StevensThis is such an amazing book that is honest about the scale of the issue and that it’s our fault – but presented in a really fun way. (Source)

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The Unexpected Visitor

There was once a little fisherman. Every morning he would take his boat out into the wide sea . . . and wait, and wait. When the little fisherman gets an unexpected (and very large) visitor one day, they instantly become friends. They have a lot of fun exploring each other’s homes, but where have all the fishes gone? This stunningly beautiful and warm-hearted picture book all about the friendship between a fisherman and whale is the perfect way to introduce the notion of sharing, sustainability and taking care of the creatures in our oceans with young children. less
Recommended by Georgina Stevens, and 1 others.

Georgina StevensThis beautifully illustrated book has a poignant, beautiful and clear message about sustainability in the oceans. (Source)

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The Last Tiger

Similar in style to Rebecca Elliott's highly acclaimed Zoo Girl (nominated for the 2012 Kate Greenaway Medal), this story warns of what the future might hold if we neglect our duty of care to our environment. In a world that has been destroyed by human carelessness, a little boy discovers the last tiger. But where did he come from? Through their adventure together they rediscover a natural way of living, and lead the world to a sustainable future. With striking illustrations crafted in ink line and collage, this thoughtful yet uplifting picture book leaves a lasting impact. less
Recommended by Georgina Stevens, and 1 others.

Georgina StevensThis captures effortlessly for me how we as a society love to put beautiful endangered animals in cages and stare at them – but we don’t spend time talking about what we are doing. (Source)

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The Lorax

"UNLESS someone like you...cares a whole awful lot...nothing is going to get better...It's not." Long before saving the earth became a global concern, Dr. Seuss, speaking through his character the Lorax, warned against mindless progress and the danger it posed to the earth's natural beauty. His classic cautionary tale is now available in an irresistible mini-edition, perfect for backpack or briefcase, for Arbor Day, Earth Day, and every day. less

Neal LaytonIt is a very funny story, written in rhyme, with wonderful, crazy Seuss illustrations – and a big environmental message for young readers. (Source)

Gary BuryTruthfully, I have 3 young kids so don’t get much time to read other than to my kids at bedtime. So you’ll understand when I say my favourite books are Children's books by Dr Seuss, they’re a joy to read and cover a range of social and political issues with an elegance and simplicity that exceeds many adult books. The anti materialism/ consumerism ‘Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ and ‘The Lorax’... (Source)

Georgina StevensThe best verse in town, wonderful illustrations and an honest look at what we are doing to our world – with a message that each and every one of us can make the decision to change at any moment. (Source)

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