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This popular yearly anthology gives a snapshot of the very best science writing Australia has to offer, including everything from the most esoteric philosophical questions about ourselves and the universe, through to practical questions about the environment in which we live.
Now in its eighth year, The Best Australian Science Writing 2018 draws on the knowledge and insight of Australia’s brightest authors, journalists and scientists to challenge perceptions of the world we think we know.
This year’s selection includes the best of Australia’s science writing talent: Jo Chandler,...
Recommended by Natasha Mitchell, and 1 others.

Natasha MitchellYES. Yay Bianca & @newsouthbook! Y'all, don't forget this year's edition of Best Australian Science Writing 2018 anthology for your Xmas stockings (editor, the excellent @john_pickrell). Perfect present for book lovers. Support & celebrate Australian science writing & journalism (Source)

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Science Ink

Tattoos of the Science Obsessed

Body art meets popular science in this elegant, mind-blowing collection, written by renowned science writer Carl Zimmer. Showcasing hundreds of eye-catching tattoos that pay tribute to various scientific disciplines, from evolutionary biology and neuroscience to mathematics and astrophysics, Science Ink reveals the stories of the individuals who chose to inscribe their obsessions in their skin. Best of all, each tattoo provides a leaping-off point for bestselling essayist and lecturer Zimmer to reflect on the science in question, whether it's the importance of an image of Darwin's... more
Recommended by Geoffrey Miller, Natasha Mitchell, and 2 others.

Geoffrey MillerPPS The book 'Science Ink' by @carlzimmer is a fascinating look at scientists' science-themed tattoos. (Source)

Natasha Mitchell@Constababble Yes and it's in @carlzimmer's beautiful book, if you haven't seen Carl's book you will love it (Source)

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