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An Enduring Love

My Life with the Shah

Farah Pahlavi has lived a life of extremes: a loving marriage to the Shah that ended with his death in 1980; a period of luxury in the court followed by years of exile and loss. Her story has been covered in the press and in countless books, but here she speaks out for the rst time, and tells her own remarkable story. The only child of an Iranian army ofcer, Farah Diba was an architecture student in Paris when she became engaged and married the Shah. Pitched from her ordinary existence into a maelstrom of paparazzi and international attention, she quickly became an icon for her age-a... more
Recommended by Melody Hossaini, and 1 others.

Melody HossainiThis is the first and only memoir I have ever read. Written by the former Empress of Iran. Being Persian myself, I am always interested in the history of our country, but was particularly moved by Empress Farah's story as a woman who lived through the best and worst times during the regime change in Iran. The book is real, honest and fascinating and has created a lasting impression on me. (Source)

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'Collaborative Advantage offers the perfect recipe for successful businesses that improve lives' -- Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, co-founders of Ben and Jerry's

'A valuable contribution to the vital task of getting people to see the business world as a complex, interconnected ecosystem, rather than as a sharp-elbowed race to the bottom' -- Rory Sutherland, Vice-chairman of Ogilvy Group UK, and the Spectator's 'Wiki Man'.

Strategic consultant and social entrepreneur Paul Skinner argues that we have now reached a...
Recommended by Melody Hossaini, and 1 others.

Melody HossainiWritten by a fellow social entrepreneur and a dear friend who I have known and worked with for a long time, so I am privileged to have seen the process and thinking that lead to this incredible book. This book puts forward a strong case for why our world has passed competition-based strategies, and instead, the level of success that can be gained from seeing business, our communities and indeed... (Source)

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A sophisticated, page-turning double love story spanning forty years-an unforgettable Brief Encounter for our times.

It is 1960. When Jennifer Stirling wakes up in the hospital, she can remember nothing-not the tragic car accident that put her there, not her husband, not even who she is. She feels like a stranger in her own life until she stumbles upon an impassioned letter, signed simply "B", asking her to leave her husband.

Years later, in 2003, a journalist named Ellie discovers the same enigmatic letter in a forgotten file in her newspaper's...
Recommended by Melody Hossaini, and 1 others.

Melody HossainiMy favourite book for pure escapism and pleasure! A book with multi-plot written at different times in history, beautifully weaved together. It comes alive in your mind, that is how vividly it is written (I even emailed Jojo Moyes herself to tell her this and she kindly replied!) I have read it several times and am always touched by its beauty. (Source)

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In the vein of the international bestselling Freakonomics, award-winning journalist Matthew Syed reveals the hidden clues to success—in sports, business, school, and just about anything else that you’d want to be great at. Fans of Predictably Irrational and Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point will find many interesting and helpful insights in Bounce. less

James AltucherAnd while you are at it, throw in “Bounce” by Mathew Syed, who was the UK Ping Pong champion when he was younger. I love any book where someone took their passion, documented it, and shared it with us. That’s when you can see the subtleties, the hard work, the luck, the talent, the skill, all come together to form a champion. Heck, throw in, “An Astronaut’s Guide to Earth” by Commander Chris... (Source)

Melody HossainiI came across this book by chance, read a few pages and was intrigued by the examples to prove how experts in their field (in this case, drawn mostly from the world of Sports) come to be experts. The book will leave you empowered that one can truly become anything, and that you can defy genetical and circumstantial hinderances through the input of time and practice in your chosen field. I found... (Source)

Max MosleyBounce is fascinating. Matthew Syed was Britain’s number one table-tennis player for about 10 years and he’s now a top sports journalist on The Times. He writes extremely well. His thesis is that talent isn’t what matters, it’s all about hours and hours of training. The conventional view, and certainly my view before reading this book, is that some people are supremely gifted and therefore rise... (Source)

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