Mozart, Federer, Picasso, Beckham, and the Science of Success

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In the vein of the international bestselling Freakonomics, award-winning journalist Matthew Syed reveals the hidden clues to success—in sports, business, school, and just about anything else that you’d want to be great at. Fans of Predictably Irrational and Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point will find many interesting and helpful insights in Bounce. less

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James Altucher Founder/StockPickrAnd while you are at it, throw in “Bounce” by Mathew Syed, who was the UK Ping Pong champion when he was younger. I love any book where someone took their passion, documented it, and shared it with us. That’s when you can see the subtleties, the hard work, the luck, the talent, the skill, all come together to form a champion. Heck, throw in, “An Astronaut’s Guide to Earth” by Commander Chris Hadfield. (Source)

Melody Hossaini I came across this book by chance, read a few pages and was intrigued by the examples to prove how experts in their field (in this case, drawn mostly from the world of Sports) come to be experts. The book will leave you empowered that one can truly become anything, and that you can defy genetical and circumstantial hinderances through the input of time and practice in your chosen field. I found the real-life examples and stories the most fascinating. Well-written and to the point. (Source)

Max Mosley Bounce is fascinating. Matthew Syed was Britain’s number one table-tennis player for about 10 years and he’s now a top sports journalist on The Times. He writes extremely well. His thesis is that talent isn’t what matters, it’s all about hours and hours of training. The conventional view, and certainly my view before reading this book, is that some people are supremely gifted and therefore rise to the top of sport. But he says talent has got little, if anything, to do with success and it’s all to do with circumstances and the amount of practice they get. He gives example after example. To me... (Source)

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