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Jack Welch's Top Book Recommendations

CEO/General Electric

Want to know what books Jack Welch recommends on their reading list? We've researched interviews, social media posts, podcasts, and articles to build a comprehensive list of Jack Welch's favorite book recommendations of all time.

Recommended by Jack Welch, Howard Schultz, Bono, and 5 others.

Jack WelchBill McDermott has had a hugely successful career—from Xerox to SAP. In this very human book, he describes the secrets that led to this success. (Source)

Howard SchultzBill McDermott's story shows how to grow a business as well as a career with authenticity and respect. A heartfelt read, there is much to learn from Bill's journey. (Source)

BonoBill McDermott sees ambition and compassion as comrades in the workplace rather than competitors. That’s rare. He claims it's just common sense… but I claim it's the Irish in him. (Source)

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