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Integrity—more than simple honesty, it's the key to success. A person with integrity has the ability to pull everything together, to make it all happen no matter how challenging the circumstances. Drawing on experiences from his work, Dr. Henry Cloud, a clinical psychologist, leadership coach, corporate consultant and nationally syndicated radio host, shows how our character can keep us from achieving all we want to (or could) be.

In Integrity, Dr. Cloud explores the six qualities of character that define integrity, and how people with integrity:

Are able...
Recommended by Gerald Butts, Colin Jones, and 2 others.

Gerald ButtsStart 2020 off right. Follow Chris Arnade. His book, Integrity, is one of 2019’s very best. (Source)

Colin JonesThis is less of a business book, but I strongly recommend every entrepreneur to read the book "Integrity" by doctor Henry Cloud. The premise is that there is no shortage of bright gifted business people, but he's worked with a lot of CEOs and executives where businesses are having a lot of problems not because of business training, or business coaching, or even business giftedness, but much more... (Source)

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A hockey life like no other.

A hockey book like no other.

Scotty Bowman is recognized as the best coach in hockey history, and one of the greatest coaches in all of sports. He won more games and more Stanley Cups than anyone else. Remarkably, despite all the changes in hockey, he coached at the very top for more than four decades, his first Cup win and his last an astonishing thirty-nine years apart. Yet perhaps most uniquely, different from anyone else who has ever lived or ever will again, he has...
Recommended by Gerald Butts, Office Of The Mayor, and 2 others.

Gerald ButtsThere is a former coach, now in his mid 80s, who defined the best of hockey for almost three generations. The GOAT (goalie of all time) just wrote a terrific book about him. Read “Scotty: A Hockey Life like No Other,” by Ken Dryden. 🏒 🇨🇦 (Source)

Office Of The MayorCongratulations to pal #KenDryden, a man I greatly admire, on being awarded #OrderofHockeyinCanada. Another legend, Scotty Bowman was inducted in 2017. Check out Ken’s book on Scotty. Great read. Well deserved honour. (Source)

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Widely acclaimed photographer and writer Chris Arnade shines new light on America's poor, drug-addicted, and forgotten--both urban and rural, blue state and red state--and indicts the elitists who've left them behind.

Like Jacob Riis in the 1890s, Walker Evans in the 1930s, or Michael Harrington in the 1960s, Chris Arnade bares the reality of our current class divide in stark pictures and unforgettable true stories. Arnade's raw, deeply reported accounts cut through today's clickbait media headlines and indict the elitists who misunderstood poverty and addiction in America for...

Gerald ButtsStart 2020 off right by following Chris Arnade. His book, Dignity,* was one of 2019’s best reads. * not Integrity. Which also would have been a fine title for it. ;) (Source)

Greg Dworkin@jposhaughnessy @Chris_arnade Arnade's book has amazing (truly) photos as well (Source)

Rabbi Josh Yuter5. Favorite Book 2: Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back Row America by @Chris_arnade. And the winner of favorite book read this year, it's also one of the most poignant books about humanity you will ever read. (Source)

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It is worse, much worse, than you think. If your anxiety about global warming is dominated by fears of sea-level rise, you are barely scratching the surface of what terrors are possible. In California, wildfires now rage year-round, destroying thousands of homes. Across the US, "500-year" storms pummel communities month after month, and floods displace tens of millions annually.

This is only a preview of the changes to come. And they are coming fast. Without a revolution in how billions of humans conduct their lives, parts of the Earth could become close to uninhabitable, and other...

Elizabeth KolbertDavid Wallace-Wells argues that the impacts of climate change will be much graver than most people realize, and he's right. The Uninhabitable Earth is a timely and provocative work. (Source)

Shane ParrishI don't know a lot about climate change, but I'm interested in learning more in this big gnarly topic. Wallace-Wells offers a potential portrait of what could happen, using science to show us how our lives will almost inevitably change. He also explores possibilities for what living in this new world could do to politics, our economy, our health, etc. While outcomes are impossible to know with... (Source)

Jonathan Safran FoerMost of us know the gist, if not the details, of the climate change crisis. And yet it is almost impossible to sustain strong feelings about it. David Wallace-Wells has now provided the details, and with writing that is not only clear and forceful, but often imaginative and even funny, he has found a way to make the information deeply felt. (Source)

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