Seeking Respect in Back Row America

Ranked #70 in Civics, Ranked #100 in Poverty

Widely acclaimed photographer and writer Chris Arnade shines new light on America's poor, drug-addicted, and forgotten--both urban and rural, blue state and red state--and indicts the elitists who've left them behind.

Like Jacob Riis in the 1890s, Walker Evans in the 1930s, or Michael Harrington in the 1960s, Chris Arnade bares the reality of our current class divide in stark pictures and unforgettable true stories. Arnade's raw, deeply reported accounts cut through today's clickbait media headlines and indict the elitists who misunderstood poverty and addiction in America for...

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Gerald Butts Start 2020 off right by following Chris Arnade. His book, Dignity,* was one of 2019’s best reads. * not Integrity. Which also would have been a fine title for it. ;) https://t.co/T2zQhzfgsU (Source)

Greg Dworkin @jposhaughnessy @Chris_arnade Arnade's book has amazing (truly) photos as well (Source)

Rabbi Josh Yuter 5. Favorite Book 2: Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back Row America by @Chris_arnade. And the winner of favorite book read this year, it's also one of the most poignant books about humanity you will ever read. https://t.co/WRFRNgNC1W (Source)

John Harwood His photographs and essays allow the people left behind in affluent American to define themselves. He leaves us with the question: How can we bridge the gap between front row and back row America? (Source)

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