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The Sixth Man

The standout memoir from NBA powerhouse Andre Iguodala, the indomitable sixth man of the champion Golden State Warriors.

Andre Iguodala is one of the most admired players in the NBA. And fresh off the Warriors' third NBA championship in the last four years, his game has never been stronger.

Off the court, Iguodala has earned respect, too--for his successful tech investments, his philanthropy, and increasingly for his contributions to the conversation about race in America. It is no surprise, then, that in his first book, Andre--with his cowriter...

Arianna HuffingtonLove this excerpt from @Andre Iguodala's new book "The Sixth Man" about how he learned to believe the age-old-adage that "less is more." (Source)

Bill GurleyIf you love basketball, the @warriors, intense tenacity, or understanding how a great team executes as one, you will love @andre ‘s very candid new book, The Sixth Man, out today (Source)

Eric S. YuanFind your organization’s “Sixth Man (or Woman)” and you’ll be in great shape for growth! Great read, highly recommend @andre’s book! @zoom_us (Source)

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