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Collected Papers, Vol. 1

Robert Aumann's groundbreaking career in game theory has spanned over 35years. These two volumes provide convenient access to all of his majorresearch--from his doctoral dissertation in 1956 to papers as recent as January1995. Threaded through all of Aumann's work (symbolized in his thesis on knots) isthe study of relationships between different ideas, between different phenomena, andbetween ideas and phenomena. "When you look closely at one scientific idea," writesAumann, "you find it hitched to all others. It is these hitches that I have tried tostudy."The papers are organized in several... more
Recommended by Ariel Rubinstein, and 1 others.

Ariel RubinsteinAumann has the ability to use sophisticated mathematical tools more than almost all other game theorists. But he always tries to think in examples. (Source)

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Superb non-technical introduction to game theory, primarily applied to social sciences. Clear, comprehensive coverage of utility theory, 2-person zero-sum games, 2-person non-zero-sum games, n-person games, individual and group decision-making, more. Bibliography. less
Recommended by Ariel Rubinstein, and 1 others.

Ariel RubinsteinLuce and Raiffa were thinking about elements of what we would probably now call modern choice theory. It’s written beautifully. (Source)

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Theory of Games and Economic Behavior

This is the classic work upon which modern-day game theory is based. What began more than sixty years ago as a modest proposal that a mathematician and an economist write a short paper together blossomed, in 1944, when Princeton University Press published Theory of Games and Economic Behavior. In it, John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern conceived a groundbreaking mathematical theory of economic and social organization, based on a theory of games of strategy. Not only would this revolutionize economics, but the entirely new field of scientific inquiry it yielded--game theory--has... more
Recommended by Ariel Rubinstein, and 1 others.

Ariel RubinsteinThis was the first comprehensive attempt to put many game theoretical ideas together. They set up the style, the concepts and the level of abstraction. (Source)

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A Beautiful Mind

Stories of famously eccentric Princetonians abound—such as that of chemist Hubert Alyea, the model for The Absent-Minded Professor, or Ralph Nader, said to have had his own key to the library as an undergraduate. Or the "Phantom of Fine Hall," a figure many students had seen shuffling around the corridors of the math and physics building wearing purple sneakers and writing numerology treatises on the blackboards. The Phantom was John Nash, one of the most brilliant mathematicians of his generation, who had spiraled into schizophrenia in the 1950s. His most important work had been in... more
Recommended by Ariel Rubinstein, Diane Coyle, and 2 others.

Ariel RubinsteinThe story of John Nash is really a human story – I don’t think it sheds much light on game theory. But it gives hope to people dealing with this disease. (Source)

Diane CoyleThis is a terrific book for just saying something about what game theory helps to do, without plunging you into all the complicated mathematics of how to do it in practice. (Source)

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