The Money Game

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"This is a modern classic." —Paul A. Samuelson, First American Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

"The best book there is about the stock market and all that goes with it." —The New York Times Book Review

"Anyone whose orientation is toward where the action is, where the happenings happen, should buy a copy of The Money Game and read it with due diligence." —Book World

" 'Adam Smith' is a veteran observer and commentator on the events and people of Wall Street.... His thorough knowledge of financial affairs gives his observations a great...

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Brendan Moynihan The first book I read on the markets. (Source)

John Lanchester Adam Smith is a pseudonym – he was an extremely successful professional investor called George Goodman, who also wrote a newspaper column. This is a real insider’s account of the way that the money markets and trading works. (Source)

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