The Magic Mountain

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Hans Castorp is 'a perfectly ordinary, if engaging young man' when he goes to visit his cousin in an exclusive sanatorium in the Swiss Alps.What should have been a three week trip turns into a seven year stay. Hans falls in love and becomes intoxicated with the ideas he hears at the clinic - ideas which will strain and crack apart in a world on the verge of the First World War. less

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Igor Debatur It’s a story about young ambitious man who felt in a trap of his own mind in form of a chronic disease. He visited his brother in a clinic, situated in high mountains of Switzerland. Instead of retreating after a week, as was originally planned, he stayed there for seven years. There are several very bright characters with different ideas about liberalism, conservatism, hedonism and many other matters. All of them were living in a very comfortable reality with a set of rules. It’s very alike to any virtual society that could become a thing in upcoming years, and it’s easy to understand why... (Source)

Marc Wittmann In the ever-repeating sameness of the Magic Mountain Resort, time accelerates because all novelty is lost. (Source)

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