Our Man

Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century

Ranked #13 in Diplomacy, Ranked #81 in International Relations

Richard Holbrooke was brilliant, utterly self-absorbed, and possessed of almost inhuman energy and appetites. Admired and detested, he was the force behind the Dayton Accords that ended the Balkan wars, America's greatest diplomatic achievement in the post-Cold War era. His power lay in an utter belief in himself and his idea of a muscular, generous foreign policy. From his days as a young adviser in Vietnam to his last efforts to end the war in Afghanistan, Holbrooke embodied the postwar American impulse to take the lead on the global stage. But his sharp elbows and tireless self-promotion... more

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Carl Bildt Excellent writing, powerful personalities, profound policy lessons. A book well worth reading. https://t.co/NgwpAZP2PE (Source)

Clara Jeffery @cityartssf 4/ But then I started it and this is one amazing book. Yes, you learn or relearn about every conflict from Vietnam to Afghanistan. But THE DISH. THE JUICY JUICY DISH, on so many DC/Hollywood/NYC figures. It's a salacious page-turner! It's a beach read. (Source)

Stephen Walt I had a fascinating discussion with fellow Gunn High School alumnus George Packer on his new book about Richard Holbrooke. Take a listen here: https://t.co/ovqrd1NKmK (I'll be doing more podcasts in the months ahead, so stay tuned!). (Source)

Sue Desmondhellmann If the book is half as good as this review, I’ll not regret the nearly 600 pages. Thank you @WalterIsaacson Richard Holbrooke, the Last Great Freewheeling Diplomat https://t.co/SBxbO8z2Wz (Source)

Elizabeth Taylor Packer presents Holbrooke as a contradictory figure. While he craved approval by the elite, he also wanted to be a man of the people. He was enthralled with celebrity and money. Holbrooke’s social climbing and gross behavior are unseemly, yet Packer approaches him with such an empathic imagination, you just can’t help rooting for this deeply flawed man. (Source)

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