In Pursuit of the Unknown

17 Equations That Changed the World

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In In Pursuit of the Unknown, celebrated mathematician Ian Stewart uses a handful of mathematical equations to explore the vitally important connections between math and human progress. We often overlook the historical link between mathematics and technological advances, says Stewart—but this connection is integral to any complete understanding of human history.Equations are modeled on the patterns we find in the world around us, says Stewart, and it is through equations that we are able to make sense of, and in turn influence, our world. Stewart locates the origins of each equation he... more

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Nick Higham He is a brilliant writer and one of the most famous people in the world for popularising mathematics. (Source)

Ante Shoda This is written by a professor of mathematics from the United Kingdom, and it describes a number of mathematical breakthroughs and their consequences related to engineering and the practical usage of mathematics in machines and other things that we use every day. It’s a great introduction to the underlying principles of engineering. (Source)

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