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In the spirit of Evicted, Bait and Switch, and The Big Short, a shocking, heart-wrenching investigation into America’s housing crisis and the modern-day robber barons who are making a fortune off the backs of the disenfranchised working and middle class—among them, Donald Trump and his inner circle.

Two years before the housing market collapsed in 2008, Donald Trump looked forward to a crash: “I sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy,” he said. But our future president wasn’t alone. While millions of Americans suffered financial loss, tycoons...

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David Sirota Another must-read book out today is this one from @Aaron_Glantz — it’s about how our government allowed private equity vultures to profit off the pain, suffering and misery of the housing crisis. https://t.co/ekG7U8SNFu (Source)

Richard W. Painter @Aaron_Glantz @democracynow Great book! But what a racket! (Source)

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