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Perfectly placed to tell us what's really new about [the] second-generation Web.--Los Angeles Times

Business visionary and bestselling author David Weinberger charts how as business, politics, science, and media move online, the rules of the physical world--in which everything has a place--are upended. In the digital world, everything has its places, with transformative effects:

- Information is now a social asset and should be made public, for anyone to link, organize, and make more valuable.

- There's no such thing as too much information. More...

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Tyler Cowen Founder/Marginal Revolution UniversityDavid’s book is brilliant, but I think it raises an important question. We’re doing five books and not five blog posts or five user threads or whatever, so why is a book the most important organising medium for talking about or reading about the internet? Weinberger is a guy who gets this – that the internet is a way of ordering or not ordering reality, that you stack things in a pile, that it appears to be very chaotic, that this is a fundamental change in information processing and it’s not in every way book-like or driven by narrative. I think Weinberger is an important and underrated... (Source)

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