Convenience Store Woman

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The surprise hit of the summer and winner of Japan's prestigious Akutagawa Prize, Convenience Store Woman is the incomparable story of Keiko Furukura, a thirty-six-year-old Tokyo resident who has been working at the Hiiromachi "Smile Mart" for the past eighteen years. Keiko has never fit in, neither in her family, nor in school, but in her convenience store, she is able to find peace and purpose with rules clearly delineated clearly by the store's manual, and copying her colleagues' dress, mannerisms, and speech. She plays the part of a "normal person" excellently--more or less. Keiko... more

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Candace Bushnell Love this book #ConvenienceStoreWoman. It’s also very funny. (Source)

Linda Flores Convenience Store Woman says something about how we articulate subjectivity when social norms impose limitations on our individual identity. (Source)

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