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Want to know what books Yale Program On Climate Change Communication recommends on their reading list? We've researched interviews, social media posts, podcasts, and articles to build a comprehensive list of Yale Program On Climate Change Communication's favorite book recommendations of all time.


Diet for a Small Planet

Here again is the extraordinary bestselling book that taught America the social and personal significance of a new way of eating-- one that remains a complete guide for eating well in the 90s. Featuring: simple rules for a healthy diet; a streamlined, easy-to-use format; delicious food combinations of protein-rich meals without meat; hundreds of wonderful recipes, and much more. less

Steve JobsIn that first year at Reed, Jobs also read "Diet for a Small Planet," a book about protein-rich vegetarianism that went on to sell three million copies. It was a breakthrough. "That's when I pretty much swore off meat for good," Jobs told Isaacson. (Source)

Ruth ReichlWhen this book came out in the early 1970s, it was revolutionary. I feel this is a book that hasn’t gotten its due. (Source)

Yale Program On Climate Change CommunicationFrances Moore Lappé's best-selling book “Diet for a Small Planet” changed the way many people in the 1970s viewed the food system and its inefficiencies: https://t.co/xla4y5Nuzd via @nytimes https://t.co/wNIgZLCI9Z (Source)

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