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One rainy day in the city, an eager little boy exclaims, “Rain!” Across town a grumpy man grumbles, “Rain.” In this endearing picture book, a rainy-day cityscape comes to life in vibrant, cut-paper-style artwork. The boy in his green frog hat splashes in puddles—“Hoppy, hoppy, hoppy!”—while the old man curses the “dang puddles.” Can the boy’s natural exuberance (and perhaps a cookie) cheer up the grouchy gentleman and turn the day around? less
Recommended by Tim Hopgood, and 1 others.

Tim HopgoodA cheery book about how as adults we tend to think of the rain as a bit of an inconvenience, whereas for a child it’s really exciting. (Source)

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White Snow, Bright Snow

When the first flakes fell from the grey sky, the postman and the farmer and the policeman and his wife scurried about doing all the practical things grownups do when a snowstorm comes. But the children laughed and danced, and caught the lacy snowflakes on their tongues. All the wonder and delight a child feels in a snowfall is caught in the pages of this book -- the frost ferns on the window sill, the snow man in the yard and the mystery and magic of a new white world. Roger Duvoisin's pictures in soft blue half-tones with briliant splashes of yellow and red emphasize the gaiety and humor as... more
Recommended by Tim Hopgood, and 1 others.

Tim HopgoodA bold picture book, the colour is striking with an unusual palette. Captures little moments that together perfectly describe a snowy day. (Source)

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Mr Gumpy's Outing

One sunny day Mr. Gumpy decides to take a ride in his small boat. It's a perfect idea for a lovely summer day, and soon he is joined by children, a rabbit, a cat, a pig, and a host of other friends. But when the goat kicks, the chickens flap, the dog teases the cat and the children squabble — the boat tips into the water and everyone tumbles out. No one minds getting wet on such a nice day, though, especially since Mr. Gumpy invites everyone to his house for tea.

A colorful new design and sturdy board book format bring this beloved classic to a whole new audience of children.

Recommended by Tim Hopgood, and 1 others.

Tim HopgoodAn atmospheric and funny book that captures the mood of a summer’s day with the chance to go for a ride on a boat. (Source)

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The Tiny Seed

A classic picture book by Eric Carle - The Tiny Seed.

When the tiny seed is blown away from its parent plant, it travels a very long way - over seas, deserts and mountains. The tiny seed survives the hazards of the journey and finally falls onto fertile earth. It grows and grows, becoming the tallest, biggest flower for miles around. Then one day the wind blows and thousands of the flower's seeds begin their own journeys.

Eric Carle is an internationally bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator of books for very young children. Eric lives in...
Recommended by Tim Hopgood, and 1 others.

Tim HopgoodA seed is one of the biggest wonders of the natural world, this book shows how a single seed can make it against all the odds. (Source)

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Once Upon a Northern Night

In this exquisite lullaby, the beauty and wonder of a northern winter night unfold, with images of a soft snowfall, the wild animals that appear in the garden, the twinkling stars, the gentle rhythm of the northern lights and the etchings of frost on the window pane.
As the young child sleeps, wrapped in a downy blanket, a snowflake falls, and then another and another. The poem describes the forest of snow-covered pines, where a deer and fawn nibble a frozen apple, and a great gray owl swoops down with its feathers trailing through the snow. Two snowshoe hares scamper and play under the...
Recommended by Tim Hopgood, and 1 others.

Tim HopgoodThis is a bedtime read. It’s really quiet and settling (Source)

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