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Moving from Success to Significance

Updated and expanded for a new generation of leaders, Bob Buford's bestseller shows you how to make the second half of life more rewarding than the first.

Are you ready to move into the second half of your life? Bob Buford believes the second half of your life can be better than the first. Much better. But first, you need time to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life.

In Halftime, Buford focuses on this important time of transition--the time when, as he says, a person moves beyond the first half of the game of life....
Recommended by John C. Maxwell, Tayo Oyedeji, and 3 others.

Tayo OyedejiThis book is literally forcing me to rethink my whole life. What a paradigm-shifting manuscript! Thanks for the awesome gift @feyiolubodun (Source)

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