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Now considered a contemporary classic, Airships was honored by Esquire magazine with the Arnold Gingrich Short Fiction Award. The twenty stories in this collection are a fresh, exuberant celebration of the new American South — a land of high school band contests, where good old boys from Vicksurg are reunited in Vietnam and petty nostalgia and the constant pain of disappointed love prevail. Airships is a striking demonstration of Barry Hannah's mature and original talent. less
Recommended by Rob Delaney, and 1 others.

Rob Delaney@AdamOPrice Great cover, great book (Source)

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Recommended by Rob Delaney, and 1 others.

Rob DelaneyYou should really read his Sad Book. It’ll give you an *INKLING* of how to help/love a bereaved parent & it will bring you genuine solace if you are one: @MichaelRosenYes @WalkerBooksUK (Source)

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The Good House

How can you prove you're not an alcoholic?

You can't.

It's like trying to prove you're not a witch.

Hildy Good is a townie. A lifelong resident of an historic community on the rocky coast of Boston's North Shore, she knows pretty much everything about everyone. Hildy is a descendant of one of the witches hung in nearby Salem, and is believed, by some, to have inherited psychic gifts. Not true, of course; she's just good at reading people. Hildy is good at lots of things. A successful real-estate broker, mother and grandmother, her days are full. But her nights...
Recommended by Rob Delaney, and 1 others.

Rob DelaneySigourney Weaver & Kevin Kline are reuniting & they’ve invited us lot along👇🏼Beyond excited. I must also recommend the amazing book this film is based on, The Good House by the brilliant @annleary. (Source)

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Once More We Saw Stars

A Memoir

Two-year-old Greta Greene was sitting with her grandmother on a park bench on the Upper West Side of Manhattan when a brick crumbled from a windowsill overhead, striking her unconscious. She is immediately rushed to the hospital. Once More We Saw Stars begins with this event, leading the reader into the unimaginable.

But although it begins with the anguish Jayson and his wife Stacy confront in the wake of their daughter’s trauma and the hours leading up to her death, it quickly becomes a narrative that is as much about hope and healing as it is about grief and loss. Jayson...
Recommended by Puja Patel, Rob Delaney, and 2 others.

Puja PatelLoss and grief is intimately different for everyone, and the lasting beauty of @Jayson_Greene’s stunning book is that it lays bare the constant presence of grief and how it manifests as despair, anger, joy, and love. It helped me through a tough time, and I’m grateful he wrote it (Source)

Rob DelaneyI've read Jayson's book. I am unable to say much more than I would be grateful to anyone who read it. Love to his family. (Source)

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