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Want to know what books Nigella Lawson recommends on their reading list? We've researched interviews, social media posts, podcasts, and articles to build a comprehensive list of Nigella Lawson's favorite book recommendations of all time.

When Diana Henry was sixteen she started a menu notebook (an exercise book carefully covered in wrapping paper). Planning a menu is still her favourite part of cooking.

Menus can create very different moods; they can take you places, from an afternoon at the seaside in Brittany to a sultry evening eating mezze in Istanbul. They also have to work as a meal that flows and as a group of dishes that the cook can manage without becoming totally stressed. The 24 menus and 100 recipes in this book reflect places Diana loves, and dishes that are real favorites.

The menus are...
Recommended by Nigella Lawson, and 1 others.

Nigella LawsonJust got an early copy of this beauty by @DianaHenryFood. I read it at proof stage and loved it. It is going to be THE book of the year. Not out till April, but you can pre-order now. You must! (Source)

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We all want to eat more fish, but who wants to bother spending the time, effort and money cooking that same old salmon fillet on repeat when you could be trying something new and utterly delicious?

In The Whole Fish Cookbook, Sydney’s groundbreaking seafood chef Josh Niland reveals a completely new way to think about all aspects of fish cookery. From sourcing and butchering to dry ageing and curing, it challenges everything we thought we knew about the subject and invites readers to see fish for what it really is – an amazing, complex source of protein that can, and should, be...
Recommended by Nigella Lawson, and 1 others.

Nigella LawsonThe Whole Fish Cookbook, a fascinating first book from @mrniland, a culinary genius and inspiring visionary, is on #CookbookCorner this week. Read all about it, and get his eat-me-now recipe for Crumbed Sardine Sandwich (Source)

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A writer investigates her family’s secret history, uncovering a story that spans a century, two World Wars, and three generations.

Hadley Freeman knew her grandmother Sara lived in France just as Hitler started to gain power, but rarely did anyone in her family talk about it. Long after her grandmother’s death, she found a shoebox tucked in the closet containing photographs of her grandmother with a mysterious stranger, a cryptic telegram from the Red Cross, and a drawing signed by Picasso.

This discovery sent Freeman on a decade-long quest to uncover the...
Recommended by Nigella Lawson, and 1 others.

Nigella LawsonA wonderful piece about a truly great book (Source)

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The Book of St John

Still a kind of British cooking

A celebration of a chef like no other.

Join the inimitable Fergus Henderson and Trevor Gulliver as they welcome you into their world-famous restaurant, inviting you to celebrate 25 years of unforgettable, innovative food.

Established in 1994, St. JOHN has become renowned for its simplicity, its respect for quality ingredients and for being a pioneer in zero waste cooking – they strive to use every part of an ingredient, from leftover stale bread for puddings, bones for broths and stocks, to typically unused parts of the animal (such as the tongue) being made the...
Recommended by Nigella Lawson, and 1 others.

Nigella LawsonDeep delight: The Book of St John by @Mr_St_JOHN and @Mrs_St_JOHN is just up on #CookbookCorner. Read all about it - a feast in store - and get their recipe for Welsh Rarebit (Source)

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Big Flavors, Beautiful Food

There are few books that offer home cooks a new way to cook and to think about flavor—and fewer that do it with the clarity and warmth of Nik Sharma's Season. Season features 100 of the most delicious and intriguing recipes you've ever tasted, plus 270 of the most beautiful photographs ever seen in a cookbook. Here Nik, beloved curator of the award-winning food blog A Brown Table, shares a treasury of ingredients, techniques, and flavors that combine in a way that's both familiar and completely unexpected. These are recipes that take a journey all the way from India... more
Recommended by Nigella Lawson, and 1 others.

Nigella Lawson@John_Birdsall @crustmag I have and love that book (Source)

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From the Pulitzer-prize winning reporters who broke the news of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment and abuse for the New York Times, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the thrilling untold story of their investigation and its consequences for the #MeToo movement.

On October 5, 2017, the New York Times published an article by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey--and then the world changed. For months Kantor and Twohey had been having confidential discussions with top actresses, former Weinstein employees and other sources, learning of disturbing long-buried allegations, some of which...

Nigella LawsonPrompted by a @jonronson tweet, I’ve been listing to the audio-book version of #SheSaid by @jodikantor and @mega2e, and I just want to tell you it is brilliant. (Source)

Saba HamedyI second this. Probably the best book I read this year. (Source)

Maya Baratz Jordanps your book is amazing @jodikantor; thank you for it. I would love for every man to read it. (Source)

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