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A Financial Times Book of the Month pick for April!

Is it worth swimming in shark-infested waters to surf a 50-foot, career-record wave?

Is it riskier to make an action movie or a horror movie?

Should sex workers forfeit 50 percent of their income for added security or take a chance and keep the extra money?

Most people wouldn't expect an economist to have an answer to these questions—or to other questions of daily life, such as who to date or how early to leave for the airport. But those people...

Tyler CowenAllison Schrager’s An Economist Walks Into a Brothel is the best, most readable, most informative, most adventurous, and most entertaining take on risk you will find. (Source)

Adam GrantIf you want to understand risk better, you have to go into some unconventional settings. In the tradition of Freakonomics, that’s what Allison Schrager does as an economist, and her book is not just informative—it’s an entertaining read too (Source)

Nick GillespieThe world may be in flames, but are *you* taking enough risk? Great @TEDTalks from economist @AllisonSchrager, whose An Economist Walks into a Brothel, is a book-length treatment of the topic. (Source)

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From Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times bestselling author Robert Shiller, a groundbreaking account of how stories help drive economic events--and why financial panics can spread like epidemic viruses

In a world in which internet troll farms attempt to influence foreign elections, can we afford to ignore the power of viral stories to affect economies? In this groundbreaking book, Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times bestselling author Robert Shiller offers a new way to think about the economy and economic change. Using a rich array of...
Recommended by Nick Gillespie, and 1 others.

Nick GillespieMust-read of today: @AllisonSchrager reviews @RobertJShiller's "Narrative Economics" at @reason, an important book abt how the stories we tell about ourselves can heavily influence or even create reality. (Source)

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You want your children to benefit from a great education. But every student is unique. One type of school might be a great fit for your neighbor’s child, but it might not work for your son or daughter.

Across the country, many parents today have more choices for their children’s education than ever before. If you are starting the process of finding your child’s first school—or if you want to choose a new learning environment—The School Choice Roadmap is for you.

This first-of-its-kind book offers a practical, jargon-free overview of school choice policies, from...
Recommended by Nick Gillespie, and 1 others.

Nick Gillespie#SchoolChoiceWeek is a week away. Today marks the release of @andrewrcamp's great new book on school choice. Check it out now and @schoolchoicewk for essential ways to fully participate in the choice movement. cc @clarebrit @LisSnell (Source)

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A Guide to Social Justice

In Woke, Titania McGrath demonstrates how everybody can play their part in the pursuit of social justice. As a millennial icon on the forefront of online activism, Titania is uniquely placed to guide her readers through the often bewildering array of terminology and concepts that constitute twenty-first-century 'wokeness'. These new ideas often leave the general public bemused, particularly if they don't read the Guardian.

Being woke is actually much easier than people think. As Titania demonstrates, anyone can be an activist. By simply adding a rainbow flag to your Facebook...
Recommended by Nick Gillespie, and 1 others.

Nick Gillespie"Say what you will about ISIS, but at least they're not Islamophobic." @TitaniaMcGrath in WOKE: A Guide To Social Justice. What a great book cc @andrewdoyle_com @spikedonline @SpectatorUSA @MsMelChen @PamelaParesky @srsiskind (Source)

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