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The first book to tell the story of the Advanced Placement program, the gold standard for academic rigor in American high schools

The Advanced Placement program stands as the foremost source of college-level academics for millions of high school students in the United States and beyond. More than 22,000 schools now participate in it, across nearly forty subjects, from Latin and art to calculus and computer science. Yet remarkably little has been known about how this nongovernmental program became one of the greatest success stories in K-12 education--until now. In...
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Michael Petrilli"Chester E. 'Checker' Finn Jr., the nation’s most talented writer on U.S. education policy, has just produced the most comprehensive book ever on Advanced Placement, the most powerful educational tool in the country." - Jay Mathews @rickhess99 (Source)

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Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

With more than half a million copies in print, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is the definitive guide to giving your child the reading skills needed now for a better chance at tomorrow, while bringing you and your child closer together.

Is your child halfway through first grade and still unable to read? Is your preschooler bored with coloring and ready for reading? Do you want to help your child read, but are afraid you’ll do something wrong?

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons is a complete, step-by-step program that shows patents...
Recommended by Michael Petrilli, and 1 others.

Michael Petrilli@EricaLG @jwalnuth @Dale_Chu @greg_ashman @ehanford I agree, that's a great book. 101? (Source)

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An inside look at America's most controversial charter schools, and the moral and political questions around public education and school choice.

The promise of public education is excellence for all. But that promise has seldom been kept for low-income children of color in America. In How the Other Half Learns, teacher and education journalist Robert Pondiscio focuses on Success Academy, the network of controversial charter schools in New York City founded by Eva Moskowitz, who has created something unprecedented in American education: a way for large...

Andrew R. CampanellaI finished reading @rpondiscio’s fantastic book, How the Other Half Learns, this weekend. I encourage you to buy it and read it. It’s a page-turning read about what happens INSIDE a school. And whether you like the instructional approach that (1/2) (Source)

Michael PetrilliEducator @simonrodberg on "How the Other Half Learns" by @rpondiscio "The book’s great value, and the pleasure in reading it, is in its careful, loving description of the daily life of an urban charter school." (Source)

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