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In 2017, professional runner Rickey Gates ran 3,700 miles across the continental United States with just a small backpack and an anthropologist's curiosity to discover the divided America in which we live.

In the book Cross Country, Gates documents this epic experience from South Carolina to San Francisco, sharing first-person essays, interviews, and over 200 photographs of the ordinary and extraordinary people and places he saw along the way.

While Gates delivers unparalleled insight into the extreme athletic and mental challenge of this...
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Kilian JornetIf you love running, preorder “Cross Country” book. If you love to travel, preorder “Cross Country” book. If you like to have a deep vision pf US inhabitants, preorder “Cross Country” book. Well Twitter only allows 280 just preorder “Cross Country” ⬇️⬇️⬇️ (Source)

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