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"I am just a common man who is true to his beliefs."--John Wooden

Evoking days gone by when coaches were respected as much for their off-court performances as for their success on the court, Wooden presents the timeless wisdom of legendary basketball coach John Wooden.

In honest and telling passages about virtually every aspect of life, Coach shares his personal philosophy on family, achievement, success, and excellence. Raised on a small farm in south-central Indiana, he offers lessons and wisdom learned throughout...

Ashton KutcherI think it's to be digested slowly. I'm in inspiration overload. (Source)

Katrín DavíðsdóttirOne of my absolute favorites. [...] Wooden’s approach to training resonates a lot with me and my coach. (Source)

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Even among the most elite performers, certain athletes stand out as a cut above the rest, able to outperform in clutch, game-deciding moments. These athletes prove that raw athletic ability doesn't necessarily translate to a superior on-field experience its the mental game that matters most.

Sports participation-from the recreational to the collegiate Division I level-is at an all-time high. While the caliber of their games may differ, athletes at every level have one thing in common: the desire to excel. In The Champion's Mind, sports psychologist Jim Afremow, PhD, offers...
Recommended by Bill Cole, Katrín Davíðsdóttir, and 2 others.

Bill ColeHe talks about greatness, and how to learn it from other people: to look around your sport world, the coaches and athletes at every level, Olympic, pro, national, local, and notice what you like or admire in those people. He says, if you can notice some of these elements, that must mean you have some of those elements in yourself, that you could develop. That’s a big message he sends. (Source)

Katrín DavíðsdóttirIt got me focusing on giving my absolute best in any given situation without the pressure of constantly stacking myself up to others. (Source)

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