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Hippos live in the wild in more than 29 African countries, where they have existed for 20 million years. The second-largest land mammal, after the elephant, they weigh around 4,400 pounds and are at home in a multitude of habitats and ecosystems.

Hippos provides an informative and entertaining overview of this wonderful yet enigmatic species. The book explores the hippo's evolutionary origins, social structure, behavior, and role in the environment, as well as the latest population concerns and conservation activities. This book is intended for all readers interested in...
Recommended by Karen Paolillo, and 1 others.

Karen PaolilloThe author shows hippos as others have shown elephants and lions – with love. (Source)

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Deep in the volcano country of central Africa live some of the rarest, most intriguing animals on earth -- the mountain gorillas. Here, in the mist-shrouded forests, Dian Fossey courageously dedicated her life to studying them. Here she patiently waited until the luminous-eyed gorillas accepted her presence, hugged her, and loved her...while she fought for their survival against poachers, callous researchers, zoo collectors, and local bureaucrats. And here, surrounded by these enemies, she died, mysteriously and brutally murdered.

Now, one of the world's most respected naturalist...
Recommended by Karen Paolillo, and 1 others.

Karen PaolilloThe writer never met Dian Fossey in the flesh but he saw who she really was and his book is the best of any written about her. (Source)

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With My Soul Amongst Lions

When George Adamson was murdered by the hand of poachers, Gareth Patterson vowed to continue his work. He successfully cared for and nurtured Adamson's lion cubs, who had been orphaned once again in the wild. Batian, Furaha, and Rafiki became his life's work. Gareth prepared them for all the dangers they might face, but unfortunately could never completely guard them from their most lethal enemy - man. Too soon, Batian, the pride male, became the victim of a cruel murder, which left the last of the Adamson lions fighting for their survival. With My Soul Amongst Lions follows Patterson's... more
Recommended by Karen Paolillo, and 1 others.

Karen PaolilloA very open and sad book. It tells the truth about Southern Africa and some of the policies that landowners have towards wild animals. (Source)

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There have been many accounts of the return to the wild of tame animals, but since its original publication in 1960, when The New York Times hailed it as a "fascinating and remarkable book," Born Free has stood alone in its power to move us.

Joy Adamson's story of a lion cub in transition between the captivity in which she is raised and the fearsome wild to which she is returned captures the abilities of both humans and animals to cross the seemingly unbridgeable gap between their radically different worlds. Especially now, at a time when the sanctity of the...
Recommended by Karen Paolillo, and 1 others.

Karen PaolilloI want everyone to read about how Elsa the lioness not only returned to her own world, but in that world where she was a lioness she still had room for her human adoptive parents. (Source)

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Rediscover Antoine de Saint-Exupery's universal masterpiece with original text and magnificent new illustrations created by masters of film animation. This wise and enchanginting fable teaches the secret of what is really important in life. less

Ryan HolidayEqually allegorical, I read The Little Prince for the first time which for some reason I’d never been exposed to before. If you’re in the same boat, read it. It’s short but great. (Source)

Brandon Stanton[Brandon Stanton recommended this book on the podcast "The Tim Ferriss Show".] (Source)

Karen PaolilloThe Little Prince has influenced me in every aspect of my life, from my own emotions and how I feel inwardly, to how I like to view our planet. (Source)

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