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Kotlin has been making waves ever since it was open sourced by JetBrains in 2011; it has been praised by developers across the world and is already being adopted by companies. This book provides a detailed introduction to Kotlin that shows you all its features and will enable you to write Kotlin code to production.

We start with the basics: get you familiar with running Kotlin code, setting up, tools, and instructions that you can use to write basic programs. Next, we cover object oriented code: functions, lambdas, and properties - all while using Kotlin's new features.
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Josh Long ( )@venkat_s No problem at all, doc! Thanks for the opportunity, and for the book itself, which I devoured. You have created a fantastic piece of work! (Source)

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These 200 letters to his daughter--published for the first time--tell of Groucho's concern for his family, despite his divorces and remarriages, reveal him as a sometimes stern, always loving father, and share his candid reflections on many subjects, including his own career. Personal photographs. less
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Josh Long ( )Did you know Groucho Marx wrote letters to his daughter, Miriam, over 30 years? She kept them and they're compiled into a book, "Love, Groucho." You can listen to them on (Source)

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Blowout: Corrupted Democracy, Rogue State Russia, and the Richest, Most Destructive Industry on Earth

Big Oil and Gas Versus Democracy—Winner Take All

Rachel Maddow’s Blowout offers a dark, serpentine, riveting tour of the unimaginably lucrative and corrupt oil-and-gas industry. With her trademark black humor, Maddow takes us on a switchback journey around the globe—from Oklahoma City to Siberia to Equatorial Guinea—exposing the greed and incompetence of Big Oil and Gas. She shows how Russia’s rich reserves of crude have, paradoxically, stunted its growth,...

Joy ReidThis week I had the chance to interview my pal Rachel @Maddow about her amazing new book, Blowout!! Tune in to #amjoy at 10am ET Sunday to check it out (and find out what Equatorial Guinea, Michael Jackson's glove, black oil and Texas tea have in common...! (Source)

Thebeat W/ari Melber.@maddow's book, #Blowout, is now number one on The @nytimes Best Seller List for the second week in a row! (Source)

Josh Long ( )😂 @maddow you’re so amazing. I’m listening to the Audible version of your fantastic book “Blowout” and just got to a part where you detail a sad, lonely existence and then - as an aside - declare “aw! Sad.” in a completely different voice 😂 (Source)

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