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Want to know what books Jon Burgerman recommends on their reading list? We've researched interviews, social media posts, podcasts, and articles to build a comprehensive list of Jon Burgerman's favorite book recommendations of all time.

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Now in picturebook format! This is an amazing tour of everything that moves in the magical world of Richard Scarry.

This children's classic is bursting with all kinds of fun vehicles from the magical world of Richard Scarry.

From tractors to trucks, sports cars to unicycles, and fire engines to mouse beach buggies, there's lots to see and talk about on every page.
Recommended by Jon Burgerman, and 1 others.

Jon BurgermanThe infectious playfulness is spread all over the page and then continues in our head. (Source)

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Look! Another Book!

A boot!
A fruit!
A crossing guard newt!

Once AGAIN a seek-and-find,
MORE images of every kind!

From a music note to a teeny red boat, a blue kangaroo to a robot or two, there are endless things to discover in this zany follow-up to Look! A Book! from award-winning artist Bob Staake. Die cuts on the cover and every spread reveal hidden treasures in each vast landscape, from a zoo gone wild to an out-of-this-world moon base to a crazy art museum, and more, providing hours of entertainment to readers young and old.
Recommended by Jon Burgerman, and 1 others.

Jon BurgermanA bright and funny search-and-find book, aided with die-cuts to reveal a few choice items from each spread. (Source)

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Du Iz Tak?

The creator of Home turns a droll eye to the natural world, with gorgeous art and a playful invented language.

Du iz tak? What is that? As a tiny shoot unfurls, two damselflies peer at it in wonder. When the plant grows taller and sprouts leaves, some young beetles arrive to gander, and soon—with the help of a pill bug named Icky—they wrangle a ladder and build a tree fort. But this is the wild world, after all, and something horrible is waiting to swoop down—booby voobeck!—only to be carried off in turn. Su! With exquisitely detailed...
Recommended by Jon Burgerman, and 1 others.

Jon BurgermanAside from the utterly charming artwork and attention to detail throughout, I love the playfulness with the invented language. (Source)

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Relates in verse some of the unusual thinks you can think if only you try. A mad outpouring of made-up words, and intriguing ideas. less
Recommended by Jon Burgerman, and 1 others.

Jon BurgermanSaturated with the delirious sense of infectious nonsense that is prevalent in all my favourite Dr Seuss books (Source)

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A lively book that traverses forty years of drawing and satire by a celebrated cartoonist and postwar artist

Romanian-born American artist Saul Steinberg (1914–1999) won international acclaim for his inventive, wry representations of the postwar age. His work appeared on the covers and interiors of the New Yorker for nearly six decades, and his drawings, collages, prints, paintings, and sculptures have been exhibited in galleries and museums around the world. With essays by cartoonist Chris Ware and curator Mark Pascale, this lively book traces Steinberg’s imagery as...
Recommended by Jon Burgerman, and 1 others.

Jon BurgermanNot just child’s book. It’s wordless and wonderful, full of playful drawings and inked ideas. (Source)

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