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Prison Writing in 20th-Century America

"Harrowing in their frank detail and desperate tone, the selections in this anthology pack an emotional wallop...Should be required reading for anyone concerned about the violence in our society and the high rate of recidivism."—Publishers Weekly. Includes work by: Jack London, Nelson Algren, Chester Himes,Jack Henry Abbott, Robert Lowell, Malcolm X, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Piri Thomas. less
Recommended by John R Stanton, and 1 others.

John R Stanton@blrshepherd This book is amazing. Essays by jack london, assata shakur and iceberg slim among others (Source)

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The scene is Baltimore; the year is 1988. Twice every three days another citizen is shot, stabbed, or bludgeoned to death. At the center of this hurricane of crime is the city's homicide unit, a small group of hard men who battle to achieve a bit of rough justice in a deadly world. This is their story. less
Recommended by John R Stanton, and 1 others.

John R Stanton@grisuy @anthoknees The snot boogy story is also based on something that really happened as I recall. If you haven’t read @AoDespair’s book Homicide, you should. It’s amazing and has a lot of the source material from the Wire and Homicide the show. (Source)

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How We Fight For Our Lives

From award-winning poet Saeed Jones, How We Fight for Our Lives is a stunning coming-of-age memoir written at the crossroads of sex, race, and power.

“People don’t just happen,” writes Saeed Jones. “We sacrifice former versions of ourselves. We sacrifice the people who dared to raise us. The ‘I’ it seems doesn’t exist until we are able to say, ‘I am no longer yours.’ ”

Haunted and haunting, Jones’s memoir tells the story of a young, black, gay man from the South as he fights to carve out a place for himself, within his family, within his country, within his...

Laurie Halse AndersonThis book is amazing. Thank you, @theferocity - your story gutted me, then filled me up again. (Source)

John R StantonSitting in a bar reading my homie @theferocity’s new book How We Fight For Our Lives. Its breathtaking, and I almost hate him for being so good at writing seemingly small phrases that carry the weight of a hundred worlds. (Source)

Sarah Thyre@theferocity I'm so happy for your success and the reception your remarkable book is getting. You deserve it! (Source)

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