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A look inside the algorithms that are shaping our lives and the dilemmas they bring with them.

If you were accused of a crime, who would you rather decide your sentence—a mathematically consistent algorithm incapable of empathy or a compassionate human judge prone to bias and error? What if you want to buy a driverless car and must choose between one programmed to save as many lives as possible and another that prioritizes the lives of its own passengers? And would you agree to share your family’s full medical history if you were told that it would help researchers find a cure for...
Recommended by David Smith, Jim Al-Khalili, and 2 others.

David SmithDarroch: “The best book I’ve read recently is called Hello World... It’s about the impact of algorithms across different areas... For me this was the best piece of learning I’ve done in recent months.” (Source)

Jim Al-KhaliliThe fact is, the age of AI is coming fast, and we need to be ready for it. This book will help you decide how worried you should be. (Source)

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