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As Christians, we often struggle to find the words to speak in the presence of God Almighty. Praying to God may feel foreign or like a ritual, and adding to that frustration, we worry that God isn't listening. Even if He hears, will He reply?

This book will show you that God not only listens but also answers. He is waiting to provide an outpouring of blessings, if only you will ask Him. God wants you to be a prayer warrior and will help you.

Author Dan Lancaster was struck by the...
Recommended by David Greenberg, and 1 others.

David GreenbergYou fight back, you put out your own spin, and you trust that you can win at that game. (Source)

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Recommended by David Greenberg, and 1 others.

David GreenbergBlumenthal really appreciates the way power is shifting, especially in the television age, from the old machine bosses and the political experts, to the media consultants, pollsters and spin doctors, although that particular term still wasn’t used. (Source)

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The Hidden Persuaders

"One of the best books around for demystifying the deliberately mysterious arts of advertising."--Salon

"Fascinating, entertaining and thought-stimulating."--The New York Times Book Review

"A brisk, authoritative and frightening report on how manufacturers, fundraisers and politicians are attempting to turn the American mind into a kind of catatonic dough that will buy, give or vote at their command--The New Yorker

Originally published in 1957 and now back in print to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, The Hidden Persuaders is...
Recommended by David Greenberg, and 1 others.

David GreenbergThis is a classic expose of the advertising industry from the 1950s. (Source)

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One of Plato's most widely read dialogues, Gorgias treats the temptations of worldly success and the rewards of the genuinely moral life. Appealing to philosophers as a classic text of moral philosophy--and to everyone for its vividness, clarity, and occassional bitter humor--this new translation is accompanied by explanatory notes and an illuminating and accessible introduction.

About the Series: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the broadest spectrum of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects...
Recommended by David Greenberg, and 1 others.

David GreenbergPlato and Socrates heavily disapproved of spin (or rhetoric, as it was referred to back then). Aristotle and the Sophists had a different point of view. (Source)

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Public Opinion

In what is widely considered the most influential book ever written by Walter Lippmann, the late journalist and social critic provides a fundamental treatise on the nature of human information and communication. As Michael Curtis indicates in his introduction to this edition. Public Opinion qualifies as a classic by virtue of its systematic brilliance and literary grace. The work is divided into eight parts, covering such varied issues as stereotypes, image making, and organized intelligence. The study begins with an analysis of "the world outside and the pictures in our heads, " a leitmotif... more
Recommended by Lorraine Adams, David Greenberg, and 2 others.

Lorraine AdamsIt was written in 1922 and is an insider’s view of how news is made. That is, news is a made thing. News is not facts. (Source)

David GreenbergWhen Lippmann wrote this book he had become disillusioned with aspects of democratic theory that assumed citizens could be fully rational and knowledgeable in making up their minds about public issues. (Source)

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