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A Handful of Summers

A Memoir

From beginnings on a gravel court on a farm in rural South Africa, Gordon Forbes went on to travel the world with his long-time tennis partner Abe Segal during the late 1950s and early 60s: the glory days of Fred Perry, Roy Emerson and Virginia Wade. In this delightful insider’s account of tennis on the international circuit, Forbes looks back with laughter at his tennis playing years through a varied, successful and often outrageous career on the world’s courts. This newly published edition of A Handful of Summers brings back a cult classic, revealing an era populated by the most... more
Recommended by Darren Cahill, and 1 others.

Darren Cahill@JordanChris @brizfagan @AndreAgassi @KeithConlon @adeLOLpodcast hope you enjoy Andre’s book. Ghosted by JR Moehringer who has written a few others that are great reads (The Tender Bar, Sutton & Shoe Dog) Another great tennis book is “A Handful of Summers”. Stories and journey through the 60’s on the tennis tour. (Source)

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