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Harold Larwood

Harold Larwood is an England cricketing legend. During the MCC's notorious 19323 and its bitter aftermath, to his emigration to Australia, where he and his family found happiness. A moving recreation of the triumph, betrayal and redemption of a working-class hero, Harold Larwood will enthrall not only cricket fans, but all those who relish biographical writing of the highest quality. less
Recommended by Daniel Norcross, and 1 others.

Daniel NorcrossThe single most exciting moment in English cricket was almost certainly the Bodyline series of 1932-33. To give you some idea of just how exciting, it almost led to the cessation of diplomatic relations between England and Australia. It went right to the very top. So my second book is a biography of the English hero of Bodyline, Harold Larwood by Duncan Hamilton. (Source)

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A Social History Of English Cricket

A Social History of English Cricket is an encyclopaedic survey of the game, from its humble origins all the way to modern floodlit finishes. less
Recommended by Daniel Norcross, and 1 others.

Daniel NorcrossA Social History of English Cricket. Derek Birley points out a series of very interesting facts, not in a dry way but in a very easy to read way, starting with the fact that cricket began as a betting game in which one aristocrat would bet another that he could score more runs with the aristocrats doing the batting and the servants doing all the bowling. They’d place huge sums on the result. (Source)

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Peter Oborne's outstanding biography of Basil D'Oliveira is the story of how a black South African defied incredible odds and came to play cricket for England, of how a single man escaped from apartheid and came to fulfil his prodigious sporting potential.

It is a story of the conquest of racial prejudice, both in South Africa and in the heart of the English sporting establishment.

The story comes to its climax in the so-called D'Oliveira Affair of 1968, when John Vorster, the South African Prime Minister, banned the touring MCC side because of the inclusion of a black...
Recommended by David Papineau, Daniel Norcross, and 2 others.

David PapineauD’Oliveira was well-known within black South Africa and he was desperate to develop his sporting career. There was no way he could do this within South Africa. (Source)

Daniel NorcrossAnother biography. Basil D’Oliveira, a South African who played for England, was one of the most important men in cricket history, and this book makes a claim that he’s one of the most important men in 20th-century history, that one innings in 1968 against Australia of 158 runs resulted in the boycott of South Africa and ultimately the dismantling of apartheid. (Source)

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Beyond a Boundary - Caribbean College Edition

Part memoir of a West Indian boyhood, part celebration of the game of cricket, this self-portrait of a life spent playing, watching and writing about the game, tells us of its psychology and aesthetics, players the author knew, and the issues of class, race and politics surrounding it. less
Recommended by Jeremy Corbyn, Daniel Norcross, and 2 others.

Jeremy CorbynThis was the book I was talking about on @SophyRidgeSky A great read. #Ridge (Source)

Daniel NorcrossThese aren’t just my choices; I’ve asked some of the other commentators as well. I’ve discarded four out of five from one commentator, but almost everybody agreed on one book, which is Beyond A Boundary by C L R James. (Source)

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