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The definitive guide to statistical thinking
Statistics are everywhere, as integral to science as they are to business, and in the popular media hundreds of times a day. In this age of big data, a basic grasp of statistical literacy is more important than ever if we want to separate the fact from the fiction, the ostentatious embellishments from the raw evidence -- and even more so if we hope to participate in the future, rather than being simple bystanders.
In The Art of Statistics, world-renowned statistician David Spiegelhalter shows readers how to derive knowledge...
Recommended by Dan Davies, and 1 others.

Dan Davies@amoralelite @d_spiegel It's a great book. I thought it was like coming home because I've always tried to avoid calculation due to the dyspraxia and it was just "yes, that's how you think about it" (Source)

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