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Want to know what books Chris Hayes recommends on their reading list? We've researched interviews, social media posts, podcasts, and articles to build a comprehensive list of Chris Hayes's favorite book recommendations of all time.

William Greider’s groundbreaking bestseller reveals how the mighty and mysterious Federal Reserve operates—and manipulates and the world’s economy.

This ground-breaking best-seller reveals for the first time how the mighty and mysterious Federal Reserve operates—and how it manipulated and transformed both the American economy and the world's during the last eight crucial years. Based on extensive interviews with all the major players, Secrets of the Temple takes us inside the government institution that is in some ways more secretive than the CIA and more powerful than the...

Chris HayesBill was an incredible journalist, reporter, writer, listener and mentor. He was always so so kind to me, and a role model. His book on the Fed is still, I think, the best one ever written (Source)

Marc CaputoGreider’s “Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country” is a must read. I never thought a book about the fed could be a page-turner, but he did it (Source)

David J LynchI read this when it came out in the mid-80s and it’s always stuck with me. I’m a big fan of Halberstam’s writing anyway. You love him or hate him, what with his constant digression and everything else. The Reckoning is an account of the problems in the American auto industry and is the story of how America goes from dominating the auto industry and really being synonymous with it to losing a step... (Source)

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A timely argument for why the United States and the West would benefit from accepting more immigrants

There are few subjects in American life that prompt more discussion and controversy than immigration. But do we really understand it? In This Land Is Our Land, the renowned author Suketu Mehta attacks the issue head-on. Drawing on his own experience as an Indian-born teenager growing up in New York City and on years of reporting around the world, Mehta subjects the worldwide anti-immigrant backlash to withering scrutiny. As he explains, the West is being destroyed not...

Chris Hayes@paulgrellong So glad you liked it. Book is great too. (Source)

Sree Sreenivasan PowerwomensummitSurprise appearance at @IndiasporaForum by @suketumehta, whose new book, “This Land is Our Land: An Immigrant’s Manifesto” is a must-read. “The fear of migrants is doing more damage to the West than anything the migrants could do themselves.” A standing ovation! #indiaspora2019 (Source)

Arjun SethiCompletely full house tonight for @suketumehta @PoliticsProse in Washington, DC. His new book, This Land Is Our Land, is a must read & a clarion call for a more just and open world (Source)

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The perfect gift for parents this Father's Day: a beautiful, gut-wrenching memoir of Irish identity, fatherhood, and what we owe to the past.

"A heartbreaking and redemptive book, written with courage and grace."
-J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy

"...a lovely little book."
-Ross Douthat, The New York Times

The child of an Irish man and an Irish-American woman who split up before he was born, Michael Brendan Dougherty grew up with an acute sense of absence. He was raised in New Jersey by his...
Recommended by Chris Hayes, and 1 others.

Chris HayesI wasn’t quite prepared for how affecting, provocative and deeply humane @michaelbd’s new book is, but I really recommend it. Here’s a great excerpt: (Source)

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America's first presidential impeachment: A prize-winning author tells the story of the efforts by heroic citizens to preserve the victories of the Civil War by removing a bigoted president who ruled as if he were king.

When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and Vice-President Andrew Johnson became "the Accidental President," it was a dangerous time in America. Congress was divided over how the Union should be reunited: when and how the secessionist South should regain full status, whether former Confederates should be punished, and when and whether black men should be given...
Recommended by Chris Hayes, Hayes Brown, Joy Reid, and 3 others.

Chris HayesI got the chance to review a fascinating, ambitious new history of the first presidential impeachent in the Times Book Review. I learned a ton and it really helped clarify some of my thinking on the Present Situation, so some thoughts below: (Source)

Hayes BrownWe had the amazing author and historian Brenda Wineapple on to talk about Andrew Johnson and his Impeachment, the subject of her stellar book which y’all should read (Source)

Joy ReidAnother indispensable @michaelharriot thread; this one on the Trump before Trump: the first impeached American president, Andrew Johnson. (For a great book on this history, check out The Impeachers, by Brenda Wineapple). (Source)

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may seem like she came from nowhere, but the movement that propelled her to office – and to global political stardom – has been building for 30 years. We’ve Got People is the story of that movement, which first exploded into public view with the largely forgotten presidential run of the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a campaign that came dangerously close to winning. With the party and the nation at a crossroads, this timely and original book offers new insight into how we’ve gotten where we are – and where we're headed. less

Chris HayesFascinating scoop here. The whole book is great. (Source)

Leah GreenbergINDIVISIBLES! Get this book for incredible analysis from @ryangrim on the rise of people power in the Democratic party and amazing stories of Indivisible and grassroots organizing nationwide. It's out tomorrow and I can't wait to read it. (Source)

Max Berger.@ryangrim is one of the best journalists in America, and the insurgency within the Democratic Party is one of the most important stories of our era. I'm very excited to read his new book: (Source)

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