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Humans are existential animals. We are all fully aware of our fragility, transience, and potential cosmic insignificance. Our ability to ponder the big questions about death and meaning and the anxiety that these questions can provoke have motivated us to be a species not only concerned about survival, but also about our significance.

The quest for transcendent meaning is one reason why humans embrace the supernatural. Children naturally see the world as magical, yet when humans reach full cognitive development they are still drawn to supernatural beliefs and ideas that defy the...
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Caroline Mccarthy@amywebb @peterfrankopan The #3 book I recommended the most in 2019 was @clayroutledge's SUPER NATURAL. Really insightful into understanding the crucial role to all humans of faith/superstition/grappling with the unknown even if we're obsessively rational (or so we think). (Source)

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A call-to-arms about the broken nature of artificial intelligence, and the powerful corporations that are turning the human-machine relationship on its head.

We like to think that we are in control of the future of "artificial" intelligence. The reality, though, is that we--the everyday people whose data powers AI--aren't actually in control of anything. When, for example, we speak with Alexa, we contribute that data to a system we can't see and have no input into--one largely free from regulation or oversight. The big nine corporations--Amazon, Google, Facebook,...
Recommended by Caroline Mccarthy, and 1 others.

Caroline MccarthyIf your 2020 resolutions involve more reading, the book I recommended to the most people in 2019 -- and continue to do so -- is @amywebb's THE BIG NINE. An essential primer on AI and the US-China tech rivalry. (It is a must for the entire #YangGang btw.) (Source)

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