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From the bestselling authors of The Power of Visual Storytelling comes the highly anticipated follow-up, The Laws of Brand Storytelling―the definitive quick-reading rulebook for how to use the power of storytelling to win over customers' hearts, minds, and long-term loyalty
We have been sharing stories from the beginning of human civilization―for good reason. Stories captivate our attention and build communities by bringing ideas, emotions, and experiences to life in a memorable way. This is proving to be an increasingly potent strategy in the era of the...
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Brian Fanzo Isocialfanz@ArmchairExpPod @daxshepard 2 great book to read on brand storytelling are: Laws of Brand Storytelling by @Ekaterina & @savvybostonian And building a story brand by @donaldmiller #SEMrushChat (Source)

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The revolutionary guide that challenged businesses around the world to stop selling to their buyers and start answering their questions to get results; revised and updated to address new technology, trends, the continuous evolution of the digital consumer, and much more

In today's digital age, the traditional sales funnel--marketing at the top, sales in the middle, customer service at the bottom--is no longer effective. To be successful, businesses must obsess over the questions, concerns, and problems their buyers have, and address them as honestly and as thoroughly as...
Recommended by Brian Fanzo Isocialfanz, and 1 others.

Brian Fanzo IsocialfanzNumber 1 question @TheSalesLion gets about his book "They Ask You Answer" isn't about growing sales or marketing... It's I can't get my sales team or marketing team onboard or leadership to buy in! We must focus on collaboration! #IMlive19 (Source)

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The amazing and blessed life of popular ESPN reporter and correspondent for College GameDay, Marty Smith, whose mission in this thoughtful and funny memoir is to return fans to the true soul of sports in this country.
You know Marty right? The guy during College GameDay hanging off the back of a pickup truck while zooming around the Clemson athletic facilities. The guy who visits Nick Saban's lake house and somehow gets Coach to jump in the lake. The guy who sits down with Dale Jr. at Daytona to talk through tears about his miraculous return to racing. The guy who...

Mike Davis“You know what was amazing, and hilarious? When you chugged that beer with Dale Earnhardt Jr. after his last NASCAR race. One of the best things I’ve seen on ESPN.” — Tiger Woods to @MartySmithESPN, as told by Marty in his new book #NeverSettle, available everywhere. (Source)

Brian Fanzo Isocialfanz@MartySmithESPN @laurabturk @radfordu @ru_athletics RU memories are the best! Congrats @MartySmithESPN on the book launch... Going to get my hands on #NeverSettle! #Classof2003 (Source)

Greg SankeySummer Reading Book #19—NEVER SETTLE: Sports, Family, and the American Soul by @MartySmithESPN. @ericchurch wrote the BEST book foreword I’ve read in years (just fish at the boat launch)! Honored Marty gave me an early copy & made it personal. I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED NEVER SETTLE! (Source)

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