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All the Rivers

A controversial, award-winning story about the passionate but untenable affair between an Israeli woman and a Palestinian man, from one of Israel’s most acclaimed novelists

When Liat meets Hilmi on a blustery autumn afternoon in Greenwich Village, she finds herself unwillingly drawn to him. Charismatic and handsome, Hilmi is a talented young artist from Palestine. Liat, an aspiring translation student, plans to return to Israel the following summer. Despite knowing that their love can be only temporary, that it can exist only away from their conflicted homeland, Liat lets herself...
Recommended by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, and 1 others.

Ayelet Gundar-GoshenThe people who are afraid of this novel are the people who understand that literature can change the way people think. (Source)

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It is 1995 and Noa and Amir have decided to move in together. Noa is studying photography in Jerusalem and Amir is a psychology student in Tel Aviv, so they choose a tiny flat in a village in the hills, between the two cities. Their flat is separated from that of their landlords, Sima and Moshe Zakian, by a thin wall, but on each side we find a different home - and a different world.

Homesick is a beautiful, clever and moving story about history, love, family and the true meaning of home.
Recommended by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, and 1 others.

Ayelet Gundar-GoshenCan you be homesick in your own living room? Can you miss the person you love, when you’re lying next to him in bed? (Source)

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Second Person Singular

Er ist Amir, Sozialarbeiter in Westjerusalem, und pflegt den gelähmten 19-jährigen Jonathan. Er will „so sein wie sie", das ist sein sehnlichster Wunsch. Sie, das sind die jüdischen Israelis, die sich mit einer Selbstverständlichkeit in einem Land bewegen, das ihm, dem arabischen Israeli, die Zugehörigkeit so schwer macht. Er will Künstler sein, frei sein, ohne argwöhnischen Blicken ausgesetzt zu sein. So beschließt er, ein anderer zu werden. Du bist Rechtsanwalt und lebst mit Frau und Kindern in Jerusalem. Du bist erfolgreich, angesehen und willst auch „so sein wie sie". Du bist getrieben... more
Recommended by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, and 1 others.

Ayelet Gundar-GoshenThe most important Israeli writer today; a Palestinian citizen of Israel. (Source)

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The Hilltop

Hailed as “The Great Israeli Novel” (Time Out Tel Aviv) and winner of the prestigious Bernstein Prize, The Hilltop is a monumental and daring work about life in a West Bank settlement from one of Israel’s most acclaimed young novelists.

On a rocky, beautiful hilltop stands Ma’aleh Hermesh C, a fledgling community flying under the radar. According to the government it doesn’t exist; according to the military it must be defended. On this contested land, Othniel Assis—under the wary gaze of the neighboring Palestinian village—plants asparagus, arugula, and cherry...
Recommended by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, and 1 others.

Ayelet Gundar-GoshenGavron writes about the people who live in the Occupied Territories, who for many left-wing readers are the ultimate ‘other’. (Source)

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To the End of the Land

ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR: The Christian Science Monitor, The Economist, The New Republic, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, and The Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Just before his release from service in the Israeli army, Ora’s son Ofer is sent back to the front for a major offensive. In a fit of preemptive grief and magical thinking, so that no bad news can reach her, Ora sets out on an epic hike in the Galilee. She is joined by an unlikely companion—Avram, a former friend and lover with a troubled past—and as...
Recommended by Barack Obama, Ayelet Gundar-Goshen, and 2 others.

Barack ObamaAs a devoted reader, the president has been linked to a lengthy list of novels and poetry collections over the years — he admits he enjoys a thriller. (Source)

Ayelet Gundar-GoshenFor me, this is the greatest Israeli novel, at least of this decade. (Source)

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