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Types and Programming Languages

A comprehensive introduction to type systems and programming languages.

A type system is a syntactic method for automatically checking the absence of certain erroneous behaviors by classifying program phrases according to the kinds of values they compute. The study of type systems--and of programming languages from a type-theoretic perspective--has important applications in software engineering, language design, high-performance compilers, and security.

This text provides a comprehensive introduction both to type systems in computer science and to the basic theory...
Recommended by Ana Bell, and 1 others.

Ana BellIt’s not a book for beginners, but it’s a good book if you’re interested in the theory behind programming languages. (Source)

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Data Structures and Algorithms in Java

The design and analysis of efficient data structures has long been recognized as a key component of the Computer Science curriculum. Goodrich, Tomassia and Goldwasser's approach to this classic topic is based on the object-oriented paradigm as the framework of choice for the design of data structures. For each ADT presented in the text, the authors provide an associated Java interface. Concrete data structures realizing the ADTs are provided as Java classes implementing the interfaces. The Java code implementing fundamental data structures in this book is organized in a single Java package,... more
Recommended by Ana Bell, and 1 others.

Ana BellThe book presents some very basic algorithms, using Java. Every algorithm you see in the book is also implemented in Java, so if you want to run it, you can copy the code and execute it yourself. (Source)

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Even bad code can function. But if code isn t clean, it can bring a development organization to its knees. Every year, countless hours and significant resources are lost because of poorly written code. But it doesn t have to be that way.
Noted software expert Robert C. Martin presents a revolutionary paradigm with Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship . Martin has teamed up with his colleagues from Object Mentor to distill their best agile practice of cleaning code on the fly into a book that will instill within you the values of a software craftsman and...
Recommended by Ana Bell, and 1 others.

Ana BellThis book is going to show you how to write code that is readable by yourself in the future, or by somebody else. You can sit on the couch and read it; you don’t need to code. You can actually enjoy it if you don’t know how to program at all. (Source)

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What do flashlights, the British invasion, black cats, and seesaws have to do with computers? In CODE, they show us the ingenious ways we manipulate language and invent new means of communicating with each other. And through CODE, we see how this ingenuity and our very human compulsion to communicate have driven the technological innovations of the past two centuries.

Using everyday objects and familiar language systems such as Braille and Morse code, author Charles Petzold weaves an illuminating narrative for anyone who’s ever wondered about the secret inner life of...
Recommended by Ana Bell, and 1 others.

Ana BellIt gets you to use your imagination to virtually build a computer. It’s easy to read, you can lie down on the couch and enjoy it—it’s not so much of a textbook. It demystifies the magic of a computer and what it is. (Source)

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Code Complete

Widely considered one of the best practical guides to programming, Steve McConnell's original CODE COMPLETE has been helping developers write better software for more than a decade. Now this classic book has been fully updated and revised with leading-edge practices--and hundreds of new code samples--illustrating the art and science of software construction. Capturing the body of knowledge available from research, academia, and everyday commercial practice, McConnell synthesizes the most effective techniques and must-know principles into clear, pragmatic guidance. No matter what your... more

Santiago BasultoIf my career path is hackers turned business people, I’d say: Start with the basics and fundamentals: SICP: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Code Complete 2 (Source)

Ana BellCode Complete is for people working in industry, writing software for companies. It has little checklists at key points in the book; if you are in industry, you can make sure that your code is readable and debugged by going through these checklists and making sure you’re touching upon all aspects. (Source)

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