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In Penetration Testing, security researcher and trainer Georgia Weidman provides you with a survey of important skills that any aspiring pentester needs. This beginner-friendly book opens with some basics of programming and helps you navigate Kali Linux, an operating system that comes preloaded with useful computer security tools like Wireshark and Metasploit. You'll learn about gathering information on a target, social engineering, capturing network traffic, analyzing vulnerabilities, developing exploits, and more. Hands-on examples discuss even advanced topics like mobile device... more

Alex Caceres/hacker Frmrly Known As Dotslashpunk@gvgm3 @SecurityTube For networks i'd have to say hands down the OSCP is likely one of the best you're going to find. Fuck the cert, take the course, get down and dirty in the labs and break everything. I hear @georgiaweidman's book is good (Pen testing with Metasploit) but have not read it myself (Source)

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