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David Sedaris plays in the snow with his sisters. He goes on vacation with his family. He gets a job selling drinks. He attends his sister's wedding. He mop's his sister's floor. He gives directions to a lost traveler. He eats a hamburger. He has his blood sugar tested. It all sounds normal, doesn't it? In his new book David Sedaris lifts the corner of ordinary lif, revealing the absurdity teeming below its surface. His world is alive with obscure desires and hidden motives - a world where forgiveness is aromatic and an argument can be the highest form of love. Dress you family in corduroy... more
Recommended by Adam Kay, and 1 others.

Adam Kay@penceyprepmemes How about David Sedaris, for starters - "Dress your family in corduroy and denim" is an amazing book. (Source)

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