8 Best Virat Kohli Books of All Time

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The Virat Kohli Story

What makes Virat Kohli the undisputed monarch of the cricket world today is not his iconic status in the sports hierarchy but that the highest praise comes from the opposition camp and past greats.
However, his family didn't always have it good. No stranger to loss, Kohli's biggest support both on and off the field - his father, succumbed to a cerebral stroke when he was very young. In a fitting tribute that would've made his old man proud, Kohli returned to continue an innings just a few hours after his father passed away. 'He was the one who drove me to practice every day, ' the...

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Kohlinoor of India

Winner Virat Kohli

He always insists on working hard everyday no matter how much close you are to the target .He never procastinates which is the most common reason why many people fail today, not only cricketors.Whenever Virat Kohli steps in the field, every innings is a new opportunity to him, no matter how many runs he has scored in the previous inning.Determination and hard work have played a crucial factor in making Virat Kohli the best batsman in all the three formats of cricket. This book tells about his greatness as a cricketer.That's why Victorious Virat Kohli is always called as Kohinoor of India .... more

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“[O'Reilly] is the real McCoy. He's the best reporter I've seen in years…He's smart, well-read, has good values…and he is fearless in picking targets.”

Bill O'Reilly is even madder today than when he wrote his last book, The O'Reilly Factor, and his fans love him even more. He's mad because things have gone from bad to worse in politics, in Hollywood, in every social stratum of the nation. True to its title, The No Spin Zone cuts through all the rhetoric that some of O'Reilly's most infamous guests have spewed to expose what's really on their...

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Virat Kohli

Reliable Rebel

In many ways, Kohli epitomizes the New Age Indian — aggressive, sometimes brash, but also a go-getter with great clarity about what he wants. After making his mark at the junior level, when he led the Under-19 team to victory in the World Cup, Virat Kohli graduated into the senior ranks quite seamlessly and is now considered a pivotal player in the Indian team. He played a significant role in the 2011 World Cup triumph and has since matured into a consistent match-winner in limited overs cricket and a highly reliable batsman in the longer version of the game. His brilliant fielding enhances... more

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