What Is This Thing Called Science?

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Since its first publication in 1976, Alan Chalmers's highly regarded and widely read work--translated into eighteen languages--has become a classic introduction to the scientific method, known for its accessibility to beginners and its value as a resource for advanced students and scholars.

In addition to overall improvements and updates inspired by Chalmers's experience as a teacher, comments from his readers, and recent developments in the field, this fourth edition features an extensive chapter-long postscript that draws on his research into the history of atomism to illustrate...

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Daniël Lakens Finally read "What is this thing called science?" by Chalmers (overview of the book: https://t.co/4IM2YeSM2z - pdf is a search away). If you want to learn about philosophy of science, you can't go wrong starting here. Very clear, and a great choice of topics. (Source)

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