These Truths

A History of the United States

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In the most ambitious one-volume American history in decades, award-winning historian and New Yorker writer Jill Lepore offers a magisterial account of the origins and rise of a divided nation, an urgently needed reckoning with the beauty and tragedy of American history.

Written in elegiac prose, Lepore’s groundbreaking investigation places truth itself—a devotion to facts, proof, and evidence—at the center of the nation’s history. The American experiment rests on three ideas—"these truths," Jefferson called them—political equality, natural rights, and the...

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Bill Gates CEO/MicrosoftThe most honest account of the American story I’ve ever read, and one of the most beautifully written. (Source)

Roman Mars Jill LePore’s book These Truths is brilliant, but I highly recommend the audiobook that she narrates with such verve and personality. I really love it. (Source)

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