The Republic of Arabic Letters

Islam and the European Enlightenment

Ranked #54 in Islamic History

In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a pioneering community of Christian scholars laid the groundwork for the modern Western understanding of Islamic civilization. These men produced the first accurate translation of the Qur’an into a European language, mapped the branches of the Islamic arts and sciences, and wrote Muslim history using Arabic sources. The Republic of Arabic Letters reconstructs this process, revealing the influence of Catholic and Protestant intellectuals on the secular Enlightenment understanding of Islam and its written traditions.

Drawing on Arabic,...

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Peter Frankopan Terrific book - great to see it out in p/back @ABevilacqua7 👏👏👏 (Source)

Joshua Landis How Islam Shaped the Enlightenment - By JACOB SOLL review of ISLAM AND THE EUROPEAN ENLIGHTENMENT by Alexander Bevilacqua A new book recovers the work of scholars who helped establish greater understanding between religions. Great review. (Source)

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