The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

The Best Short Works Of Richard Feynman

Ranked #24 in Philosophy Of Science, Ranked #28 in Physics

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out is a magnificent treasury of the best short works of Richard Feynman—from interviews and speeches to lectures and printed articles. A sweeping, wide-ranging collection, it presents an intimate and fascinating view of a life in science—a life like no other.From his ruminations on science in our culture and descriptions of the fantastic properties of quantum physics to his report on the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, this book will fascinate anyone interested in Feynman and anyone interested in the world of... more

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Larry Page Co-Founder/GoogleIt looks like co-founder of Google, , is more into science books. “The Pleasures of Finding Things Out” is a genuine work of art. (Source)

Brian Armstrong Co-founder & CEO/CoinbaseRecommends this book

Louis Nyffenegger I don't think I have a specific book that I can call my favourite. Some books have had a big impact on my view of how to build a product/company ("Rework"), some were very enjoyable to read ("The Phoenix Project"), some helped me improve the way I think ("The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out") and some the way I live ("Essentialism") or work ("Deep Work"). (Source)

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