The Outlaw Ocean

Journeys Across the Last Untamed Frontier

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There are few remaining frontiers on our planet. But perhaps the wildest, and least understood, are the world's oceans: too big to police, and under no clear international authority, these immense regions of treacherous water play host to rampant criminality and exploitation.

Traffickers and smugglers, pirates and mercenaries, wreck thieves and repo men, vigilante conservationists and elusive poachers, seabound abortion providers, clandestine oil-dumpers, shackled slaves and cast-adrift stowaways -- drawing on five years of perilous and intrepid reporting, often hundreds of miles...

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Captain Paul Watson @ian_urbina 's best selling book The Outlaw Ocean is getting rave reviews. Hope some of the world's politicians will read it and understand just how precarious biodiversity is. Underscores what I have been saying for years. "If the Ocean dies, we all die!" (Source)

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