The Life You Can Save

How To Play Your Part In Ending World Poverty

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Offering a seven-point plan that combines personal philanthropy, local activism and global awareness, Peter Singer argues that we need to change our views on what is involved in living an ethical life if we are to put a stop to poverty throughout the world. less

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Nigel Warburton I think the central question in philosophy is, How should we live? And that’s a question about which Peter Singer has a lot to say. (Source)

Cassie Knight Because it’s a really inspiring read. And it’s very nicely set out in terms of having clear arguments and picking up on things that are often said but not thought about. Peter Singer starts with a simple story – if you are walking past a pond and you see a child floundering and it looks likely that the child will drown, despite the fact that your new shoes may be ruined, you will automatically go into the mud to save the child. So he argues that if we all agree on this, why do we do then buy new shoes and luxury goods that we don’t really need, when putting that money into an aid programme... (Source)

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