The Daily Stoic

366 Meditations for Clarity, Effectiveness, and Serenity

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A beautifully packaged, gifty daily devotional of Stoic wisdom, from the author of The Obstacle is the Way.
Modern readers praise Stoic philosophy for its unique blend of practicality and wisdom. But it's admittedly hard for the average reader to decipher the Dover Thrift edition of Marcus Aurelius' work. The antiquated, needlessly formal language of most modern translations is stripped down in this book, revealing powerful aphorisms that cut straight to the heart of our day-to-day challenges.
Presented in a page-per-day format, this daily resource...

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Brad Feld Co-Founder/Foundry GroupThis book was a delight. I started reading it earlier this year, caught up quickly (I started in July), and then mostly read a page each day when I was in the bathroom in the morning. I let it unfold slowly, reading the daily quote and Ryan Holiday’s (and Stephen Hanselman’s) thoughts on the quote, and then rereading the quote. (Source)

Jack Canfield Co-author/The Success PrinciplesA richly rewarding spring of practical wisdom to help you focus on what's in your control, eliminate false and limiting beliefs, and take more effective action. Make The Daily Stoic your guide and you will grow in clarity, efectiveness, and serenity each day! (Source)

Louis Grenier About tranquility and stoicism and focusing on change, you need to read “The Daily Stoic” which is 365 essays, small essays about stoicism and why you should focus on things that don’t change. (Source)

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