The Book of Hadith

Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad from the Mishkat Al Masabih

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This selection of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad was made by the internationally respected British Muslim scholar, Charles le Gai Eaton. The Book of Hadith captures not only the practical and profound wisdom of the Prophet, but his human side as well. Contains Arabic text as well. less

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali There are four schools of thought in the Sunni (I was brought up a Sunni) and all four schools of thought agree it means: first of all, warn her, like a child. If she carries on this way, then the next step is not to share her bed, as a way of showing how disgruntled you are with her behaviour. Finally, there are the beatings, and the four schools of thought then go on to describe in detail how the beatings should take place. One shouldn’t leave wounds, the beating should be done with a small to a medium-sized stick, it’s to cause pain but not concussion, and so on. The same liberty is not... (Source)

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